Emanuele Bicocchi

Emanuele Bicocchi

The brand was founded in 2010 by a great creative and their determined aesthetic taste: precious jewelry made exclusively of 925/1000 silver. Its creations achieve the perfect balance between extravagance, informal elegance and rock'n'roll glamour. Symbolizing Italian craftsmanship, the brand guarantees the highest standards of quality where each piece of jewelry is studied, designed and crafted under the attentive eye of Emanuele Bicocchi's skilled goldsmith.

  1. $254.40

    Metal and pearls Large Pearl bracelet

  2. $429.30

    Gold 925 silver Braided Knot necklace

  3. $429.30

    925 silver Medium Braided bracelet

  4. $196.10

    Gold 925 silver Feather earring

  5. $222.60

    925 silver Crochet necklace