Maison Kitsune

Maison Kitsune

Maison Kitsuné, with its compilations or clothing lines, fuses fashion and music seamlessly. France-based Maison Kitsuné, in a few short years, has firmly established itself as a force to reckon with. The young and unique brand (brainchild of Gildas Loaëc, Daft Punk’s art-director/manager for years, and Masaya Kuroki, fashion designer ) defines the “new classic” of the highest quality for everyday life, combining the philosophy of tradition with a modern, hip attitude and shapes for clothing that last.

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  1. Maison Kitsune

    White cotton Greetings t-shirt

  2. Maison Kitsune

    White cotton Sunset t-shirt

  3. Maison Kitsune

    Printed polyester Isabella clutch

    Special Price $26.78 Regular Price $38.26
  4. Maison Kitsune

    Printed polyester Flask shopping bag

    Special Price $63.61 Regular Price $90.87
  5. Maison Kitsune

    Printed polyester Perce travel bag

    Special Price $66.96 Regular Price $95.65
  6. Maison Kitsune

    Pale blue cotton shorts

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