In 2004 Designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman met in New York, where their collaborative brainchild BOYY was born. The heady pairing of a keen eye for design and a deep artistic sensibility, generated a line of luxury handbags and leather goods, coveted by fashion lovers worldwide. The design language of the brand meets the eye with fundamental, masculine shapes and sharp lines that bear high quality details, creating a fascinating juxtaposition with a strong sensibility. BOYY has paved a path of its own, formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury.

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  1. Boyy

    Brown leather Karl 24 handbag

  2. Boyy

    Leather Karl 24 handbag

  3. Boyy

    Black leather Devon 21 handbag

  4. Boyy

    Black leather Karl 24 handbag

  5. Boyy

    Red leather Fred handbag

  6. Boyy

    Deon belt bag

    Special Price $321.38 Regular Price $459.11
  7. Boyy

    Deon 19 handbag

    Special Price $488.76 Regular Price $698.23
  8. Boyy

    Red leather Bobby 23 handbag

  9. Boyy

    Leather Bobby 16 handbag

    Special Price $475.37 Regular Price $679.10
  10. Carryover
    Black leather Karl handbag Black leather Karl handbag

    Black leather Karl handbag

  11. Boyy

    Black leather Yeuxlet mules

  12. Boyy

    Black leather Puffy Devon 21 handbag

  13. Boyy

    Sea green leather Puffy Bobby 23 handbag

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