Beginning in 1846 in Madrid, as a leather goods cooperative, Loewe is one of the world’s oldest names in fashion. German entrepreneur Heinrich Loewe Rössberg later consolidated the brand under his name, bringing it fast global success. The founding concepts of the fashion house are craftsmanship, progress and an unmatchable expertise of leather. Loewe is defined by the modernity of its past and its origins and still today the brand continues to manufacture its world-renowned leather goods in Madrid. Jonathan Anderson is Loewe’s creative director, a young designer who started a new chapter for the brand, presenting a more progressive and versatile look. Loewe continues to further its legacy, designing classic bags with innovative technologies, a unique line of ready-to-wear and expertly crafted accessories.

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  1. Loewe

    Sky blue cotton blend skirt

  2. Loewe

    Black cotton skirt

  3. Loewe

    Embroidered wool blend sweater

  4. Loewe

    Lurex dress

  5. Loewe

    Black cotton t-shirt

  6. Loewe

    Leather Puzzle handbag

  7. Loewe

    Embroidered viscose blend oversize cardigan

  8. Loewe

    Black satin pant

  9. Loewe

    Pink twill pant

  10. Loewe

    Embroidered cotton shirt

  11. Loewe

    Leather medium Hammock handbag

  12. Loewe

    Satin oversize blouse

  13. Loewe

    Beige twill dress

  14. Loewe

    Embellished cotton jeans

  15. Loewe

    Leather wallet

  16. Loewe

    Leather small Hammock handbag

  17. Loewe

    Army green twill jacket

  18. Loewe

    Black crepe long dress

  19. Loewe

    Raffia large Basket Flowers shopping bag

  20. Loewe

    Yellow leather mini Elephant crossbody bag

  21. Loewe

    Navy blue polyester blend skirt

  22. Loewe

    Beige linen blend pant

  23. Loewe

    Sage green twill Fisherman jeans

  24. Loewe

    White polyester blend shirt dress

  25. Loewe

    Black acetate blend dress

    Special Price $473.46 Regular Price $946.92
  26. Loewe

    Black satin pant

    Special Price $282.17 Regular Price $564.32
  27. Loewe

    White viscose shirt dress

    Special Price $526.06 Regular Price $1,052.12
  28. Loewe

    Black polyester dress

    Special Price $573.89 Regular Price $1,147.77
  29. Loewe

    Black crepe top

    Special Price $669.53 Regular Price $1,339.06
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