Vivetta is an Italian contemporary brand established in 2010 by the fashion designer Vivetta Ponty. A delicate, fun, light and assertive femminity, but also hyper contemporary silhouettes and bon-ton patterns. It's a motley universe under the sign of an extremely contemporary and dynamic idea of elegance, dressed up with romanticism and irony, where the surrealistic experience finds a new context in fashion and which successfully makes concrete the best tradition of made in Italy and its bright tailoring.

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  1. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Recanati shirt

  2. Vivetta

    Light blue stretch cotton Gallarate shirt

  3. Vivetta

    Black stretch cotton Fano dress

  4. Vivetta

    Pink stretch cotton Padova dress

  5. Vivetta

    White cotton Ivrea t-shirt

  6. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Fano dress

  7. Vivetta

    Pink cotton Ivrea t-shirt

  8. Vivetta

    Embroidered white stretch cotton Luder shirt

    Special Price $188.91 Regular Price $377.81
  9. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Padova dress

  10. Vivetta

    Pink cotton Tarquinia t-shirt

  11. Vivetta

    White cotton Tarquinia t-shirt

  12. Vivetta

    Pink crepe Pianoro shirt dress

  13. Vivetta

    Embroidered cotton Sondrio shirt

  14. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Ravenna shirt

  15. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Giarre shirt

  16. Vivetta

    Pink stretch cotton Gallarate shirt

  17. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Gallarate shirt

  18. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Galatina sweatshirt

  19. Vivetta

    Printed stretch denim Ferrara jacket

  20. Vivetta

    Embroidered cotton Faenza shirt dress

  21. Vivetta

    White stretch cotton Casal Di Principe top

  22. Vivetta

    Stretch denim Noci jeans

  23. Vivetta

    Sea green sequins Catania skirt

  24. Vivetta

    Printed stretch denim Como mini skirt

  25. Vivetta

    Embroidered mohair blend skirt

    Special Price $416.07 Regular Price $832.13
  26. Vivetta

    Printed crepe de chine Rasalgethi top

    Special Price $215.21 Regular Price $430.41
  27. Vivetta

    Pink viscose blend Hayez jacket

    Special Price $449.55 Regular Price $899.08
  28. Vivetta

    Embroidered denim Albaldah jeans

    Special Price $196.09 Regular Price $392.16
  29. Vivetta

    Embellished denim Deneb jeans

    Special Price $181.73 Regular Price $363.47
  30. Vivetta

    Embellished denim Dafni jeans

    Special Price $196.09 Regular Price $392.16
  31. Vivetta

    Printed stretch viscose top

    Special Price $222.39 Regular Price $444.76
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