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About Us

G&B NEGOZIO is a fashion retail group specialized in Luxury Fashion, founded in 1981 by the entrepreneur Gianni Peroni. The retail system counts more than twelve boutiques located in different cities in the north of Italy and in Spain, and thanks to an accurate selection of brands, the shops are a landmark in the fashion world. Each shop features a unique style and an exclusive selection of brands, qualifying the company as one of the top retailers in the country. The online shop is the additional channel and it has been renewed in 2019 consolidating the online presence of the Group. With this digital re-branding, G&B gained a new image, offering its customers an exclusive shopping experience.


G&B NEGOZIO headquarter has been renovated in 2006 by architects Leonardo De Carlo and Patrizia Bottazzi. The main boutique is located in Flero inside a prestigious XVII Century Villa, extended on a surface of 2000 sqm. The ancient beauty of the outside is completed by the minimal and sophisticated interior design of the shop. This space where classic meets contemporary is designed to give the customer a full, unique and luxury shopping experience. G&B NEGOZIO FLERO is part of the 100 Italian Best Shops voted by the Fashion Buyer Council.



Via Mazzini 18/18a, Flero

25020 - Brescia (IT)

T: 030 2761749 / 030 2560171 / 030 6591631

F: 030 2761519


The boutiques are located in the centre of this charming town under the Monte Bianco scenario. Both shops are designed by the architect Roberto Baciocchi mirroring the luxurious vision of the group. Exclusive architectural elements are blended to create the perfect place for exclusive customers. The signature elements of interior design are high quality and unusual materials mixed together.



Women's boutique

Via Roma 88, Courmayeur

11013 - Aosta (IT)

T: 0165. 841832

F: 0165 232068


Men's boutique

Via Roma 78, Courmayeur

11013 - Aosta (IT)

T: 0165 844383

F: 0165 847289



The Aosta boutique is located in the city centre. This boutique offers an accurate selection of men and women clothing and accessories from the best designers. Elegance and innovation are blended together to create a cosy and elegant space, able to satisfy every kind of customer.



Via De Tillier 10, Aosta

11100 - Aosta (IT)

T: 0165 236455


The store is located in the most attractive part of this Italian town, along the banks of Oglio’s river and it was completely renovated in 2009. The building combines tradition and research of materials. The brand’s selection meets all customer’s requests.



Via IV Novembre 8, Ponte di Legno

25056 - Brescia (IT)

T: 0364 91413


ONE-OFF Women is the place where the best practices of the day-to-day mixing with the future is likely to be found. ONE-OFF Women has been designed by a prestigious Milanese firm: Dimore Studio. The 800 sqm boutique is strategically divided into five floors that allow a continuous evolution of style. Each floor is different, with materials like gray linoleum and exposed plasterboard. A space full of infinite nuances and textures to get away from the monotony. An evolution that stands out for its speed, always keeping the current trends.  A pop-up store with an entire floor dedicated to innovation and the modern world that will amaze you with its new shapes, lines and unique capsule collections.



Via Gramsci 23/25

25122 - Brescia (IT)

T: 030 3776769



ONE-OFF Men is located in Brescia city center. The boutique is designed by the prestigious architectural firm Baciocchi Associati. The 400 sqm space looks like a metropolitan setting. All the different elements - as plastic, rubber and aluminium - make the boutique one of a kind, mirroring the most sophisticated expression of street-style culture. An exclusive world, ready to highlight capsule collections and limited edition.



Via Gramsci 53

25122 - Brescia (IT)

T: 030 3771365



Lagrange12 is the luxury shop in the heart of Turin. Dimore Studio designed this innovative shopping space which collects the best fashion luxury brands. An ancient palace is the fascinating setting of this contemporary multi-brand store. This is the perfect balance between tradition and modernism that confirm an extraordinary experience inside an awesome luxury universe.



Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange 12

10123 - Torino (IT)

T: 011 5626026



ES_MORE is the first luxury fashion retail in Formentera. The three boutiques are located in the heart of the Island. The spaces are all designed by the young architect Federico Panella, and blend perfectly with the context where the principles of poor art are the most important architectural elements. Light nuances, in the colors of the earth combined with concrete, wood and raw metals make the boutiques unique in their kind and highlight the collections. 




Es_More Women

Carrer de Ramon Llull, 12, 07860

San Francisco Javier, Formentera

T: 0034 971323540


Es_More Women 

Carrer de Ramon Llull, 9, 07860

San Francisco Javier, Formentera

T: 0034 971317875


Es_More Men

Carrer de Ramon Llull, 14, 07860

San Francisco Javier, Formentera

T: 0034 971323125



Es_More Menorca is located in Maó. The building is one of the most iconic of the Island with strong Spanish architectural elements. The shop with six windows along Carrer de De Bastió reflects the vision of Architect Nicola Quadri. The space is elegant and refined, based on the use of a few high-impact materials and sober colors.



Es_More Menorca Woman

Carrer de Bastió, 27, 07703

Maó, Menorca

T: 0034 971508253


Es_More Menorca Man

Carrer de Bastió, 2, 07703

Maó, Menorca

T: 0034 971508253