Founded in 1978 in Milan, Gianni Versace SpA is one of the leading international fashion design houses and a symbol of Italian luxury world-wide. It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion and lifestyle products including haute couture, prèt-à-porter, accessories, jewellery, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings all bearing the distinctive Medusa logo.

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  1. New Season
    Printed twill pant Printed twill pant

    Printed twill pant

  2. New Season
    Printed stretch polyamide leggings Printed stretch polyamide leggings

    Printed stretch polyamide leggings

  3. Versace

    Chain Reaction sneakers

  4. New Season
    Printed cotton shirt Printed cotton shirt

    Printed cotton shirt

  5. New Season
    Black viscose mini dress Black viscose mini dress

    Black viscose mini dress

  6. Versace

    Printed cotton t-shirt

  7. Versace

    White cotton t-shirt

  8. Versace

    White cotton tank top

  9. New Season
    Printed silk shirt dress Printed silk shirt dress

    Printed silk shirt dress

  10. New Season
    Embellished black nylon blend backpack Embellished black nylon blend backpack

    Embellished black nylon blend backpack

  11. Versace

    Printed denim skirt

    Special Price $377.81 Regular Price $755.61
  12. Versace

    Embellished black rubber slippers

  13. Versace

    Chain Reaction sneakers

  14. Versace

    Chain Reaction sneakers

  15. Versace

    White Chain Reaction sneakers

  16. Versace

    Printed cotton sweatshirt

    Special Price $473.46 Regular Price $946.92
  17. Versace

    Embellished black leather necklace

    Special Price $234.34 Regular Price $334.77
  18. Versace

    Embellished denim shirt

    Special Price $612.14 Regular Price $1,224.29
  19. Versace

    Embellished black stretch viscose dress

    Special Price $851.27 Regular Price $1,702.53
  20. Versace

    Embellished black cotton tank top

  21. Versace

    Embellished white cotton tank top

  22. Versace

    Embellished black cotton oversize tank top

    Special Price $310.86 Regular Price $621.71
  23. Versace

    Black leather medium Icon shoulder bag

    Special Price $1,198.46 Regular Price $1,712.09
  24. Versace

    Printed velvet dress

    Special Price $1,004.30 Regular Price $2,008.60
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