Passion for leather and respect for its tradition are the only meanings of Guidi’s shoe collection project. He refuses the mass production logic being focused on his own independent research beyond all the tendencies. Shoes for all those who really want something unique with a twist of tradition. Shoes that only a craftsman would be able to make, coming in soft, candid hides or in a distressed, strong smelling, thickend leather, Guidi in synonimous with the tie existing between the objects and its possessor.

  1. $1,310.24

    Brick leather PL2 boots

  2. $1,244.27

    Brick red suede PL1 ankle boots

  3. $1,281.96

    Black leather PL1 ankle boots

  4. $725.82

    Brick red linen 992 lace-up shoes

  5. $923.77

    Black leather ankle boots

  6. $937.91

    Black leather ankle boots

  7. $1,150.00

    Midnight blue suede ankle boots

  8. $937.91

    Brown leather ankle boots