Miu Miu

Miu Miu

From its inception in 1993 Miu Miu was a private territory of expression and a creative playground, fittingly christened with Miuccia Prada’s family nickname. Embracing both couture savoir-faire and refined experimentalism, Miu Miu explores fashion as a rarefied form, giving elegance and sophistication a new and twisted meaning. Diverse inspirations, playing on masculine and feminine, historic references and a jilted modernity come together unexpectedly.

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  1. Miu Miu

    Red nylon skirt

  2. Miu Miu

    White cotton t-shirt

  3. Miu Miu

    Black cotton blend skirt

  4. Miu Miu

    Embellished black velvet slippers

  5. Miu Miu

    Black cotton blend joggers

  6. Miu Miu

    Black cotton shorts

  7. Miu Miu

    Powder pink cotton blend joggers

  8. Miu Miu

    White leather handbag

  9. Miu Miu

    Black embroidered fabric sandals

  10. Miu Miu

    Embroidered cotton dress

  11. Miu Miu

    Red virgin wool oversize cardigan

  12. Miu Miu

    Red wool sweater

  13. Miu Miu

    Grey virgin wool cardigan

  14. Miu Miu

    Black taffeta dress

  15. Miu Miu

    Gold leather crossbody bag

  16. Miu Miu

    Red leather crossbody bag

  17. Miu Miu

    Brown suede crossbody bag

  18. Miu Miu

    Black leather handbag

  19. Miu Miu

    Black leather crossbody bag

  20. Miu Miu

    Iron metallised leather crossbody bag

  21. Miu Miu

    Iron metallised leather shoulder bag

  22. Miu Miu

    Powder pink leather Confidential handbag

  23. Miu Miu

    Embellished black nappa leather handbag

  24. Miu Miu

    Black nappa leather crossbody bag

  25. Miu Miu

    Laminated silver nappa leather crossbody bag

  26. Miu Miu

    Embroidered hemp handbag

  27. Miu Miu

    Pink laminated leather clutch

  28. Carryover
    Black leather shoulder bag Black leather shoulder bag
    Miu Miu

    Black leather shoulder bag

  29. Miu Miu

    Black patent leather handbag

  30. Miu Miu

    Silver sequins clutch

  31. Miu Miu

    Embellished pink nappa leather handbag

  32. Miu Miu

    Black sequins clutch

  33. Miu Miu

    Burgundy leather shoulder bag

  34. Miu Miu

    Pink sequinned clutch

  35. Miu Miu

    Embellished gold nappa leather handbag

  36. Miu Miu

    Black leather crossbody bag

  37. Miu Miu

    Embroidered virgin wool sweater

  38. Miu Miu

    Red leather handbag

  39. Carryover
    Orchid matelasse leather wallet Orchid matelasse leather wallet
    Miu Miu

    Orchid matelasse leather wallet

  40. Miu Miu

    Fuchsia nappa leather Délice shoulder bag

  41. Miu Miu

    Pink sequins belt bag

  42. Carryover
    Silver laminated leather wallet Silver laminated leather wallet
    Miu Miu

    Silver laminated leather wallet

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